From healing my body to healing my Soul!

From healing my body to healing my Soul!
In June of 2017, I was desperate.  I struggled with near-constant migraines and hyperthyroidism, and the doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me.  It was June for crying out loud, and the only time I left my house was to go to the doctor.  I had 4 children...I couldn't live like this!  

I was willing to grasp at any straw for physical healing, and the prior years showed it.  I had spent thousands of dollars on medical care, special glasses, eye surgery, colonoscopy, hospital stays, and my health only continued to spiral downwards.  

Finally, I remembered someone a friend of mine told me about, but doubts crept could anyone help me?  I had seen neurologists and endocrinologists, and they certainly hadn't helped.   

 I would have told you that all my problems were physical.  Even my family doctor had told me once, "I know this isn't in your head."

I was about to learn something incredibly profound.  Your mental and emotional wellbeing is tied to your physical health.  WOW!!  That took me a bit to wrap my head around, but I was in a place where I had nothing to lose.  Following directions, I was feeling so much lighter by the time I walked out of the office.   I was able to drive to and cheer on my daughter at her softball game the very next week! 

So this is how I started on my journey to physical healing, and in the process I happened upon an even bigger journey of mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and healing!  

The craziest thing now is that I am so grateful for my migraines, chronic illness, depression and anxiety, because without them I wouldn't have the spiritual relationship with God I have now and I wouldn't be in a position to help others find healing.