How can the lowest time in your life lead you to a miracle?
When I was growing up my biggest dream was getting married, having kids, and having a job where I could be outside or work with animals, and all of those dreams came true.  I got married when I was almost 20 years old and had 4 kids.  We invested in some dairy goats when my oldest son had a sensitivity to milk so, basically, all my dreams came true. 

One thing I never really thought about, although I should have, was my health.  When I was younger, I was relatively healthy but when I was 17 I started getting migraines and at 19 they started to get more frequent.  At age 22, I had my gallbladder removed, and after that there were patterns of chronic and acute illnesses, sinusitis, appendix, acoustic schwannoma, thymectomy, sinus surgery, colonoscopies, hyperthyroidism, & kidney stones.  

By the time I was 40, I was unable to work since I was experiencing almost constant migraines and then I developed hyperthyroidism, and the doctors told me it should resolve on its own.  WHAT??  This was the lowest time in my life.  I thought all the doors had been slammed in my face. Basically, I was on the same path as my mom who died at 58 of colon cancer.  The only difference was my health at 40 was way worse than her health was at 40...yikes! 

Yep, I had hit my lowest point.  What options did I have?  The doctors basically had done all they could do, and nothing they did had any kind of lasting effect.  I felt so alone, useless, unworthy, and forgotten.  That's when I found my miracle. 

I met someone who turned my whole way of thinking around.  She encouraged me to repeat positive phrases a few times a day to myself like "I'm capable and lovable."  This was at a time when I didn't feel capable or lovable at all.  She helped me find supplements that I needed, and most of all she believed that I had BIG things ahead of me.  Sooo if you are at a low point in your life, look for your miracle.  Don't give up hope.  It's coming!! 


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