Why are you so scared of making a MESS?
For the last month, I have dreaded getting started on a project on my summer to do list.  Do you have summer lists either on paper or in your head of all of the projects you would like to get completed?  Well, on my list, one of my projects is scraping the peeling paint off my house and repainting it. 

Yesterday, was the day.  I got out a ladder, searched my basement for the scraper, and I finally got started.  Do you find that the hardest part is actually starting the project?  Once I get started, I'm good and can't wait to see it completed.  Today I was thinking about why it's so hard to get started on a new project or try something new.  Is it because when we were children we got in trouble when we made a mess?  I don't know about you, but when I was a kid I was not encouraged to make a mess. In fact, some yelling could have been involved.  

So today I want you to go back to your earliest memory of making a mess.  Is it a good memory or a bad memory?  Were your parents mad? How did you feel?  

Now this is the most important part, what was the truth in the situation?  Could it have been that your parents were tired or overwhelmed or just not in as good frame of mind at the time?  Could it be that they were upset with the situation and not actually mad at you?  

Today I chose to look at the mess of scraped paint peelings and chips and see it as progress!  So whatever mess you are in right now with a project, your health, relationships, and/or finances choose to see it as a learning experience and progress towards the GOOD THINGS to come!  

I believe in you!


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