Unhealthy Boundaries: What You Need to Know
It’s not uncommon for a 41-year-old mom with weekly debilitating migraines and 4 children at home to find herself feeling overwhelmed. Stress can manifest in many ways, from physical ailments to mental exhaustion. One way to help manage stress is to understand and set healthy boundaries. But what are unhealthy boundaries? It’s important to recognize them in order to make sure your needs are met—and that you have time for yourself! 

What Are Unhealthy Boundaries? 
Unhealthy boundaries are defined as restrictions or limits that someone puts on themselves which can be detrimental to their mental health and well-being. Examples of unhealthy boundaries include overcommitting yourself, taking on too much responsibility, or allowing people to take advantage of you. All of these behaviors can lead to feelings of guilt and resentment if not managed properly. 

Why Are Unhealthy Boundaries Dangerous? 
When we set unhealthy boundaries, it often leads us down a road of self-destruction. We might feel like we don't have the energy or strength to say no when asked for help or assistance. We might also feel guilty about saying no because we don't want to let people down or hurt their feelings. But it's important to remember that setting healthy boundaries is an essential part of self-care and that it's okay (and necessary) to put yourself first sometimes! 

How Can You Set Healthy Boundaries? 
Setting healthy boundaries means being able to communicate your needs clearly and assertively without feeling guilty or ashamed about doing so. It also means learning how to accept “no” as an answer without feeling resentful towards the person who said it. Setting healthy boundaries allows us the space and freedom needed for personal growth, relationships, and overall well-being—all things that are essential for a 41-year-old mom with weekly debilitating migraines!

Unhealthy boundaries can be damaging if left unchecked, leading us down roads of self-destruction filled with guilt and resentment. Setting healthy boundaries is an important step in managing stress levels while protecting our own well-being—something all moms need! Whether you’re a 41-year-old mom with weekly debilitating migraines or not, understanding what unhealthy boundaries are and how they limit our lives is key in making sure we have time for ourselves—and our family!

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