EMF Sensitivity: Are You Being Smitten By the Power of Technology?
We’re living in a digital world and it’s hard to escape the constant bombardment of radiation from our electronic devices. But while some people are able to shrug off these invisible waves, others may be feeling the effects in a very physical way. If you’ve been experiencing strange symptoms that seem to get worse when you’re around technology, then you may be suffering from EMF sensitivity. Let’s take a look at what this disorder is and how it might be affecting your life.

What is EMF Sensitivity?
EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field, which is the invisible energy that comes from all sorts of electronics and electrical appliances. While we can’t see it, we can feel its presence - especially if we have an intolerance or sensitivity to it. Symptoms of EMF sensitivity include headaches, fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, insomnia and skin rashes - though they can vary depending on the individual. The intensity of symptoms also depends on how close you are to the source of radiation (like your cell phone or laptop) as well as how long you are exposed to it.

How Can I Reduce My Exposure?
The best way to reduce your exposure is by reducing your reliance on technology. This means powering down your electronics at night, taking regular breaks from looking at screens throughout the day, and avoiding carrying phones next to your body with cases or pockets designed specifically for this purpose. It may also help to invest in shields or covers for laptops and cell phones that block out EMFs as much as possible - although these can be costly so do some research before investing in them! Additionally, using grounding mats or earthing sheets can help reduce your body's absorption of EMFs when sleeping or spending time away from screens during the day.

EMF sensitivity is a real issue that affects many people who are surrounded by technology every day. Whether you suffer from frequent migraines or experience other strange symptoms around electronics, there are ways to reduce your exposure and minimize its effects on your health. By investing in protection like shielding covers and grounding mats as well as limiting screen time wherever possible, you can help make sure that technology isn't smiting you too hard!

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