Are You a "Canary in a Coalmine" for EMF Sensitivity?
Have you ever heard the phrase “canary in a coalmine”? It refers to miners who used to carry canaries with them while they dug. If they ever got too close to an underground pocket of toxic gas, the canary would die before the gas could harm the miners. In this post, I want to explore whether some people are more sensitive than others to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), and why that might be.

What are EMFs?
EMFs are invisible waves of energy generated by things like computers, cell phones, microwaves, routers, power lines and other electrical devices. While most of us don’t think twice about these sources of radiation, some people report physical symptoms like headaches, fatigue, dizziness and difficulty sleeping when exposed to them. These people may be “canaries in a coalmine” for EMF sensitivity.

So why are some people more sensitive than others when it comes to EMFs? Some experts believe that certain people have what is known as “electro-hypersensitivity,” or EHS—a condition that causes their bodies to react negatively to low levels of electromagnetic radiation. This reaction could be caused by anything from genetic predisposition to existing health conditions like thyroid problems or chronic fatigue syndrome.
If EHS is indeed responsible for increased sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, then there are several steps you can take to help reduce your exposure and symptoms:
• Use corded landline phones instead of wireless ones;
• Move your router away from high-traffic areas;
• Turn off wifi at night;
• Limit your use of electrical devices where possible;
• Invest in shielded clothing and bedding;   
• Keep electronic devices away from your body as much as possible; and   
• Make sure you get regular exercise and adequate restful sleep.

Knowing how sensitive you might be to EMFs is important because it helps you make informed decisions about how best to protect yourself from potential exposure. While some people may be able to tolerate levels of electromagnetic radiation without any ill effects, others may need additional measures such as shielding clothing or limiting their use of electronic devices in order to remain healthy and symptom-free. If you suspect that you may be one of these “canaries in a coalmine," then I suggest taking proactive steps now so that you don't end up suffering further down the line!

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