Is Migraine a Sign of Inflammation?
We’ve all heard the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” When it comes to migraines, this proverb couldn’t be more true. And when it comes to understanding what causes your migraine, inflammation could very well be at the root cause. Let's dive deeper into the link between inflammation and headaches.

Migraine headaches are often caused by changes in brain chemistry or blood flow. But there is some evidence that suggests inflammation may also play a role in their onset. In fact, researchers have found that many people who suffer from chronic migraines show signs of systemic inflammation in their bodies. This means that the body's immune system is constantly on high alert and producing more inflammatory chemicals than normal.

Inflammation can affect the brain and its surrounding structures, leading to an increase in pain-sensing nerves and increased sensitivity to stimuli—all of which can contribute to migraine pain. Additionally, certain foods like processed meats, processed grains, dairy products, sugary drinks and alcohol can cause inflammation in the body which can trigger a migraine attack.

It is important to note that there are other factors besides inflammation that could be contributing to your migraines such as hormonal imbalances or environmental triggers like bright lights or strong smells. So it is important not to jump to conclusions without first consulting your doctor or healthcare provider. But if you do find out that inflammation is indeed playing a role in your migraine attacks, then there are several steps you can take to reduce it naturally such as eating anti-inflammatory foods like fish oil and leafy greens, exercising regularly and managing stress levels with prayer or meditation.
If you suspect that inflammation might be at the root cause of your migraines then taking steps now towards reducing it should help lessen the severity of future attacks—and maybe even prevent them altogether! With a healthy diet, regular exercise and stress reduction techniques you should start seeing results within weeks! So don’t wait! Make today the day for beating those debilitating migraines!

By the way, I've gone from 16 to 24 migraines days per month down to less than 1 by decreasing inflammation along with alternative treatments.  Does this still sound overwhelming - like how do I even start?  There is a FREE 11 Day Jumpstart next month where it walks you through step by step and has easy to follow instructions to get you started (all you need is the vitamins and minerals that do the work).  Comment on this blog, and I'll send you the details. 


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