Hello, fabulous mom! If you’re juggling migraines, chronic illness, and the chaos of motherhood, you know the struggle is real. But who says we can't slay this dragon with a little style, humor, and grace? Picture this as our virtual coffee date, where I share some Solomon-worthy wisdom—minus the part where he suggests cutting a baby in half (too messy).

Step 1: Dress Rehearsal for Confidence

First things first, put on that outfit that makes you feel like Beyoncé at Coachella—or, you know, your version of it. Whether it's those snazzy yoga pants that have never seen a yoga studio or that one shirt that miraculously has no baby food stains, wear it proudly. Sometimes, confidence starts on the outside and works its way in.

Step 2: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Who's the fairest of them all? You are, of course! Stand in front of a mirror and point out things you love about yourself—and no, I don’t mean finding joy in the fact that your migraine is slightly less throbby today. Eyes, smile, the way you can recite Moana from start to finish thanks to 537 viewings with the kiddos. Celebrate it all!

Step 3: Daily Dose of Positivity

In the world of chaos, be the person who speaks kindness to yourself. Swap the "I can't believe I forgot the pediatrician's appointment" with "I’m doing my best, and my best is pretty awesome." The Bible isn’t mute about speaking life; Proverbs 18:21 says death and life are in the power of the tongue. Choose life!

Step 4: Lean on Your Tribe

Find your crew—the fellow moms who don’t blink an eye when you show up with unmatched socks because it was either that or miss coffee. The ones who understand migraines aren’t just headaches, and chronic illness isn’t a buzzkill—it’s just another part of the adventure.

Remember, beautiful warriors, building self-esteem is a marathon, not a sprint. Each day is another chance to find joy, give yourself grace, and laugh at the chaos. You got this! After all, you’re more than conquerors through Him who loves us (Romans 8:37). Now go forth and conquer, preferably in those stain-free shirts.

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  1. Wow; love your articles. You definitely have a gift for writing. Worth the read. I haven’t had migraines for quite a few years now. 🙌 but you even encouraged me to remember the 4 pillars.

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