Meal Planning 101: How to Make it Easier and More Enjoyable!
Meal planning can be an intimidating task, especially for busy parents with limited time and energy, who don’t have all the answers right away. It can feel overwhelming trying to come up with ideas for healthy, tasty meals that everyone in your family will enjoy. And yet, meal planning doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful! With a few simple strategies, you can make meal planning easier and even enjoyable. Read on for some of my top tips! 

1. Start Small 
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the thought of having to plan out every meal for an entire week. So instead of trying to tackle the whole week at once, start small. Start by taking baby steps and simply focus on preparing one or two meals each day until you feel comfortable enough to plan out an entire week in advance. This will also help you stay flexible; if something unexpected pops up during the week that changes your plans, you won’t be stuck with a full week of meals that you can’t use. 
2. Keep it Simple 
Meal planning doesn’t have to be complicated—in fact, it shouldn’t be! Stick with simple recipes that don't require too many ingredients or steps. Look for recipes that use fresh ingredients (like fruits and vegetables) but are still quick and easy to prepare—you don't want to spend hours in the kitchen every night cooking elaborate meals! Also consider leftovers; if you make extra food when prepping dinner one night, you'll have an easy lunch option for the next day. 
3. Get Creative 
If you find yourself getting stuck in a rut when meal planning—making the same few dishes over and over again—try looking for new recipes online or in cookbooks that contain ingredients your family likes to eat. You can also experiment by adding different spices or seasonings to old standbys like grilled chicken breasts or roasted vegetables. If there's something new that your family hasn't tried before, try making it but keep the recipe simple so that everyone is willing to give it a try without too much hesitation! 

Meal planning doesn't have to be difficult or overwhelming! By keeping things simple and getting creative when it comes to recipes and ingredients, you can make meal planning easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. With these tips as your guide, you'll soon find yourself coming up with delicious meals your whole family will love without spending hours in the kitchen every night preparing them!

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